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 David Stroker is a really good friend of mine. 
We were corworkers in the USAF and are both veterans of a foreign war.
He is medically retired from the USAF after more than 21 years of service. 
David is an abstract painter and this helps him battle his severe Bipolar Depression, Restless Leg Syndrome and Cancer.
He believes that collecting art should be easy, he says:
"You don't need to be an expert to see if you like it or not, so you should only collect what YOU like". 


So I'm asking that if you see something that you like I'd appreciate the support of my very good friend.


Here is an example that David painted specially for me. 
It's called "Batjo".
It's inspired by my R/C Glider I call "Dark Side of the Merle" as well as the music group "Pink Floyd" and my
new found addiction of Astrophotography.


It's absolutely perfect!  Thanks my friend!

Contact David at for any questions about his work.

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